Old School Tetris Game

Old School Tetris Game

Nostalgia can be fun, developing small social games where you play against your friends can become big hits. We believe there is an untapped potential in combining three specific properties.

The Game

Obviously the draw in will the game. There is nothing specific about this. Just like Angry Birds, Wordfeud etc the game should be small, social and easy to start the gameplay. In our example above tetris has a unique and very easy gameplay – still not saying that the game is easy to complete.

The Nostalgia

In order to drive attention to a new game it is possible to develop a brand new brand just like Angry Birds, however this can be a challenge and requires users to learn a whole new world.

Piggy-bagging on the popularity of a classic game, as PacMac or Tetris, would allow instant user recognition.


One way to generate revenue is integrating ads or in-app purchases. We propose a whole new approach – Dynamic Merchandising. Once the user has completed a level or reached a high score it will be possible to purchase t-shirts or other merchandising that displays the users name and the achievement reached.

Additionally it will be possible to purchase merchandising with the always current high-score list (and possibly low score as well 😉